Dependable Legal Guidance After A Terrible Accident

Whether you suffered a catastrophic accident or lost a loved one due to devastating injuries, the path to feeling whole again can seem distant and challenging. Fortunately, you do not have to go it alone.

At Hicks & Funfsinn, PLLC, our attorneys fight for your rights after a severe car accident, fall, medical malpractice incident or any other injury. We are committed to the well-being of our clients across Central Kentucky. We work hard to enable you to move forward with your life. Call our office at 859-286-7840.

Navigating The Insurance Claim Process

Catastrophic injuries, including traumatic brain injury (TBI), dismemberment, spinal cord injuries, paralysis and more, can be life-changing. With an injury this serious, you need experienced assistance to navigate the insurance claim process ahead.

We will assist by:

  • Filing an insurance claim
  • Investigating the cause of the accident that led to your injuries
  • Identifying responsible parties
  • Collecting available evidence, including a police report and witness accounts
  • Fighting the insurance company for what you deserve

Insurance companies often attempt to swiftly settle claims with injury victims in a manner that benefits their bottom line much more than the victim or the victim’s family. Attorneys Hicks and Funfsinn, each has experience working for and against insurance companies. Using this unique insight and firsthand knowledge, we will find the best way to advocate for the financial recovery you deserve.

Shouldering The Weight Of Your Legal Issue

Don’t wait to discuss your legal options with a lawyer following a devastating injury. Contact Hicks & Funfsinn, PLLC, in Lexington to schedule a no-cost, initial consultation. Send us a message to get started.