Assistance In Complex Birth Injury Cases

When health care providers do not provide appropriate care during pregnancy, labor and delivery, the results can be life-changing for mothers and their children. In some cases, the results of these errors can be fatal. While legal action cannot undo the harm that they suffered, families impacted by birth injuries can hold doctors, nurses and other medical professionals accountable.

At Hicks & Funfsinn, PLLC, we offer compassionate and skilled representation to families across Kentucky that have been impacted by birth injuries. With more than two decades of injury law experience, our lawyers help families fight for justice in and out of the courtroom and seek the financial support they need in difficult times. You will pay nothing unless you recover damages in your claim.

The Serious Impact Of Improper Treatment During Pregnancy

The decisions that health care providers make during pregnancy can lay the groundwork for a child’s healthy development. However, errors during this time can endanger their well-being. Failure to provide proper care during pregnancy can include:

  • Failing to order necessary tests to identify health conditions
  • Failing to appropriately manage conditions like preeclampsia, high blood pressure and gestational diabetes
  • Prescribing inappropriate medications during pregnancy

These errors can endanger the health of both mother and child.

Risk Factors During Childbirth

Bringing a child into the world can be dangerous, and health care providers must make prompt decisions to protect their safety. Some of the many issues that can occur during delivery include:

  • Improper care during labor and delivery
  • Mishandling of the baby following delivery
  • Failure to perform a necessary cesarean section
  • Use of an improper technique or tool during delivery
  • Application of unnecessary force when using forceps
  • Allowance of labor to continue for an inappropriately long time

Care after delivery is also essential for the health and safety of mother and child. Overlooking possible complications, mismanaging infections and neglecting other care could endanger them even after they have left the delivery room.

Holding Health Care Providers Accountable

Birth injuries can be the result of improper care throughout the pregnancy or during labor or delivery. No matter when they occur, the errors made by health care providers can lead to harmful and permanent conditions to babies, like nerve damage, spinal cord damage, brain injuries or cerebral palsy. The impact of these injuries can be life-changing for mother and child, and families may be overwhelmed and terrified during what should be an exciting time.

Birth injury cases can be complex and time-consuming to build. Our experienced and compassionate attorneys at Hicks & Funfsinn, PLLC, will use a combined decades of experience to assist you during your birth injury claim. They will provide sound legal counsel throughout this distressing time. They will consult with medical professionals and experts in an effort to prove that your child received inadequate and, ultimately, harmful care.

Seek Guidance During A Difficult Time

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