Fearless Advocacy For Injured Workers

A work injury can impact your life in profound and difficult ways. You might have to take time off work, leading to financial worries while you’re already coping with the physical aspects of your injury or illness. In severe cases, you might be temporarily or even permanently unable to work at all.

At Hicks & Funfsinn, PLLC, we understand the challenges that arise from job-related injuries and illnesses. Our lawyers help injured workers throughout Kentucky pursue the compensation they need to overcome the hardship and pave better paths forward.

Understanding The Workers’ Comp System In Kentucky

The workers’ compensation system provides benefits to employees who suffer job-related injuries or illnesses. Those injuries might result from a single incident, such as a devastating fall or lifting injury. Or they might occur as a result of cumulative trauma over time – for example, repetitive stress injuries. In either case, you may be entitled to benefits such as:

  • Medical coverage to pay your expenses related to the injury or illness, including ongoing treatments, rehabilitation and mileage
  • Wage replacement, which might be temporary or permanent, partial or total
  • Vocational rehabilitation to help you train and find new employment if you can’t return to your previous job
  • Death benefits for family members in the event of a tragic loss of a loved one to a work-related injury or illness

Even though you may be entitled to workers’ comp, actually securing those benefits isn’t always easy. Your employer (and their insurer) may put up roadblocks along the way. By working with an attorney at Hicks & Funfsinn, PLLC, you can rest assured that you have a strong and effective advocate on your side.

Guidance On Whether You Have A Third-Party Injury Claim

While you generally can’t sue your employer for a personal injury claim resulting from a work injury, you may have a claim against any third parties whose negligence contributed to your injuries. A successful personal injury claim could provide significant financial recovery in addition to your workers’ comp benefits. Because our firm handles both types of cases, we can advise you of your options.

Get In Touch With A Legal Team That Cares About Your Future

We understand the devastating nature of work injuries. Our goal is to provide the honest and diligent representation you need to get the benefits you deserve. To talk with one of our lawyers about your workers’ comp questions and concerns, please reach out online or call 859-286-7840.