Do Not Take Distracted Driving Accidents For Granted

If a driver who was clearly distracted struck you with their vehicle and caused you to suffer serious personal injuries, you may be under the impression that it will be easy for you to pursue compensation. Even when their insurance immediately offers you a settlement, that does not mean that it is the most you can get or the amount you deserve.

Here at Hicks & Funfsinn Kentucky Lawyers, our team of Kentucky attorneys has decades of experience in representing clients who need our help recovering from an accident. We do everything in our ability to provide our clients with what they deserve from their lawyer, including offering direct representation from their lawyer, as well as offering bilingual services in both English and Spanish.

How We Fight For You

There are many ways a driver can become distracted and injure someone, such as:

  • Using their phone while driving
  • Texting
  • Applying makeup
  • Eating or drinking
  • Driving while exhausted
  • Digging around for something in their car
  • Using their GPS

When a driver distracts themselves and causes you to suffer an injury, that does not mean they will automatically receive 100% of the liability. They may try to use comparative negligence to force some of the blame onto you, so they can reduce or remove your compensation entirely.

We fight for you by striving to keep the blame where it belongs and by exercising our skills in negotiation and litigation to maximize the value of the compensation you receive. We know better than to accept the first offer you receive because it is likely a lowball offer that does not match the cost of your injury, and we only settle if it is in your best interest.

Let Us Handle Your Case For You

We know how difficult it is to juggle your claim, your recovery and your life, all at the same time, so why not let someone take some of the work onto themselves? Our local attorneys serve central Kentucky from our offices in Lexington and Harrodsburg and offer honest guidance and fearless advocacy, so come on in and see what we can offer you.

Call us at 859-286-7840 or email us here and schedule an initial consultation with one of our compassionate attorneys for the respect and representation you deserve. We look forward to earning the privilege of representing you.