How You Can Defend Yourself After An Accident

Everything that you do leading up to the final settlement or compensation you receive can have negative or positive consequences, so make sure you were doing what you need to do to protect yourself.

While the best thing you can do for yourself is to get an experienced Kentucky attorney, like the ones you can find here at Hicks & Funfsinn Kentucky Lawyers, we want to offer you some advice on what you can do before you meet with us. Our lawyers have decades of experience in representing clients after their auto accidents, and we want to share our wisdom with you.

Act Smart And Be Thorough

The key to completing any of these steps is remaining calm. While even minor car accidents can be very jarring, keeping a level head will immediately set you up for success after an accident. Here are some steps you can do before you even meet with us:

  • Bring in the professionals – If you are still at the scene of the accident, always contact the police and reach out to medical professionals if they are needed. The police report that the police will provide you with is an excellent document to arm yourself with.
  • Document the scene – You can never take too many videos or pictures of your accident. Even footage of the surrounding environments can be beneficial to your cause, and your cellphone is your greatest tool at collecting this footage.
  • Communicate with everyone – Your first goal is to gather all important information from the other driver, such as contact information, insurance information, and even personal information like name and address. Also, reach out to any witnesses and record their testimony of what they saw at the scene. The quality of witness testimony diminishes overtime so the faster you act to collect this, the better.
  • Make things official – Contact your insurance and report your accident. Never speak to the other driver’s insurance company without an attorney with you.
  • Itemize everything – By keeping a detailed list of all the expenses that have come from your accident, you can help your attorney maximize the compensation you receive.

While these steps aren’t everything that needs to be done before you collect a fair compensation, you will be thankful you took these steps while you had the chance to.

What Do I Do Next?

Even before you have completed all the steps we have suggested, reach out to us to schedule an initial consultation so we can begin preparing your case. We do not back down from the fight and only settle when it is best for you.

Contact us by calling 859.777.7000 or emailing us here. We have offices in Lexington and Harrodsburg and serve clients throughout central Kentucky. We are eager to take up your case and protect your future, so contact us today.