What not to do after motor vehicle accidents

Insurance companies frequently tell their clients to remain calm after motor vehicle accidents. That’s good advice. However, is there something you shouldn’t do after getting into a wreck on a Kentucky road?

Don’t leave the scene of the accident

Motor vehicle accidents get your blood pumping, adrenaline spiking, and your fight or flight instincts may try to kick in. You have to take control of yourself and stay where you are. Get out of the vehicle and check for injuries. If you have a phone, call first responders.

Be careful about what you say

It’s common for people who just experienced a scary situation to talk a lot. However, be careful what you say. The insurance companies warn their clients not to admit fault. Take it a step further. If you think that you were distracted while driving, don’t say that. Don’t joke around how you were zoning out, tired, or otherwise inattentive.

Don’t blame the other driver

Even if it’s the plain truth, let the police do the fact-finding. You don’t want to say things that could escalate the situation, make you more emotional, and lead to a confrontation that you can’t walk back.

Don’t decline medical attention

Remember the adrenaline? It can mask any pain you’re feeling right now. Besides that, it’s impossible to tell if you have any bone fractures. Therefore, accept medical attention and have the doctors give you a clean bill of health before going home. Not doing so could later affect any personal injury claim you might have to file.

Motor vehicle accidents are hard on anybody. If you got into a wreck, it might help to talk to a lawyer about protecting your rights and understanding your obligations.


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