Accidents that happen from zoning out

In Kentucky, most people think of texting on cell phones when they hear the phrase “distracted driving.” However, people can be mentally distracted while driving if they zone out. Since many people have increased their screen time over the past year, zoning out while driving has become a larger issue. Some experts point to the increase in virtual meetings as a reason why more people are distracted while driving.

How video conferencing affects driving

Many people have started working from home. Some people must meet with coworkers by video conferencing as a part of their jobs. During meetings via Zoom and other video conferencing platforms, people tend to become distracted and think about other things. Some of this type of behavior might be subsequently carried over to when people get behind the wheels of their cars.

Understanding cognitive distraction

Careful driving requires people to keep focused on the road. Distracted driving can include cognitive distraction when people’s minds wander away from the task of driving. When people are not paying attention while driving, they might not see potential dangers in time to react.

In 2020, even though the miles driven by people fell sharply, accidents and fatalities increased. Preliminary data from the National Safety Council indicates that an estimated 42,600 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents last year. If these numbers hold, it would be the largest annual increase in traffic fatalities since 1924. Many experts believe that an increase in distracted driving is part of the reason.

People who have suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident caused by a distracted driver may want to talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer. An attorney might analyze the facts and explain whether a claim has legal merits. If the lawyer agrees to accept a case, he or she might be able to help a client recover compensation for the losses incurred.


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