Taking pictures of an accident scene

Pictures are crucial in car accident claims. Thus, if you are involved in a crash, it’s vital to take photos to preserve evidence. But how you do this matters. You want pictures that offer adequate information about the accident to strengthen your claim.

Here is how you can capture such photos:

Take them as soon as possible

An accident scene can change quickly. You may miss crucial information if you take too long to gather evidence. Therefore, consider taking photos as soon as possible – once you confirm you don’t have injuries that restrict your movement or can get worse if you move. You should also confirm that it’s safe to move around.

If you can’t move, request a passenger or a witness to help you or call a loved one to the accident scene. 

Take photos of the general views 

You need to have photos of the general views of the accident scene. This means single shots that include both vehicles, the surroundings and so on. Take these photos from different angles.

Focus on the details

Once you have photos documenting the general views, focus on the details. Take photos of the damages to your car (scratches, dents, broken glass, deployed airbags and so on), traffic lights and signs, weather conditions, objects damaged (damaged street signs, guardrails and so on), skid marks and roadside debris, among others.

Consider taking these photographs with and without flash. It can be helpful to have the same pictures with different lighting.

Capture your injures

You should also take photos of your injuries if you have visible ones. Don’t forget to take pictures of any rips or blood stains on your clothes. 

Filing a car accident claim requires solid proof. The above-discussed tips can help you get such evidence. Legal help can also be crucial.



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