How could a lane change cause a crash

Changing lanes is an essential part of driving. It’s something you ] do multiple times during the average journey on highways and freeways. Yet, despite most drivers getting a lot of practice at it, many make errors that lead to a collision with another vehicle.

Here are some of the mistakes drivers make when changing lanes:

Not signalling

Drivers must signal before changing lanes and do so early enough to alert other drivers and allow them to adjust their course if needed.

Not checking mirrors properly

Some drivers cause crashes because they do not bother to look in their mirrors at all. Others because they do not look enough. Vehicles can quickly creep up on you. Constantly scanning your mirrors can help you stay aware of what other vehicles are around you. It can alert you to those which must be there somewhere, even if you cannot see them at the moment you intend to turn.

Not understanding vehicle blind spots

Drivers need to learn where the blind spots on their vehicles are so they can make allowances for anyone who might be sitting in one when they need to change lanes. They also need an awareness of other drivers’ blindspots, so they can be sure the driver has seen them before moving across a lane.

Drifting across a lane unintentionally

Not all lane changes are planned. Some drivers fall asleep or zone out at the wheel and drift into the next lane, oblivious to any danger that may cause. Alcohol and drugs can also make this more likely – including some legally prescribed drugs.

Learning more about the errors drivers make could help you pinpoint the cause and claim compensation If another driver injures you while changing lanes.


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