Hip fractures from falls can have serious outcomes for seniors

If you have elderly loved ones, you’ve likely seen the shocking statistic that one in three people in their 50s or older who break a hip die within the following year. Here’s another troubling piece of data: Seniors who have broken a hip are up to eight times more likely to die than those who haven’t.  

Unfortunately, age is a leading risk factor for hip fractures – particularly among women. That’s because women are more prone to osteoporosis and other conditions associated with the loss of bone mass after menopause. Even a fall from a standing or seated position to the floor can cause a break. Most hip fractures occur from sideways falls, where the hip bone strikes the floor.

Why hip fractures often lead to overall physical decline

It’s generally not the fracture itself that is fatal. A hip fracture – particularly in an older person – substantially affects mobility. People recovering from hip fractures typically need a lot of help with daily activities. They’re less likely to go out or even to want to see friends and family in their own homes.

For an older person who’s remained active, suddenly having to use a wheelchair or walker to get around can make them feel their age – if not older. It can be highly depressing. It’s not uncommon for them to deteriorate both physically and emotionally.

A good treatment plan can help – but it’s not inexpensive

Doctors, physical therapists and other medical professionals know a lot more about hip fracture treatment and rehabilitation than they did in the past. Getting patients up and moving as soon as possible after surgery is often crucial to healing the body and mind. 

All of this costs money. That’s why if you or a loved one has suffered a hip fracture in a fall due to a property owner’s negligence, it’s important to get the compensation to which you’re entitled to cover medical expenses and other costs and damages. 

Don’t let anyone tell you that they don’t have liability for this because a younger person wouldn’t have been injured so seriously. That’s not how it works. A property owner is either liable for negligence regarding a dangerous condition or they aren’t. Having legal guidance can help you get the compensation you need and deserve.


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