2 insurance concerns people may have after a drunk driving crash

Although Kentucky state law is very clear about the importance of sobriety while driving, there are those who choose to drive after drinking anyway. Some of them overestimate their own driving ability, while others feel like the chances of encountering law enforcement on the road are minimal. They often overlook the impact they could have on other people entirely.

The very strong connection between chemical intoxication and increased crash risk is one of the main reasons that driving after drinking is illegal. Those hurt in a collision caused by a drunk driver may have huge costs they need to cover. They may have concerns about their rights when filing an insurance claim.

What are the most common insurance concerns people have after a drunk driving crash?

  1. They worry that insurance won’t apply

Some people mistakenly assume that liability insurance coverage won’t protect them if the driver was clearly at fault. While it is true that insurance companies sometimes decline to cover crashes when people intentionally wreck their vehicles, intentionally breaking the law is different.

If illegal activity was all it took to deny insurance claims, very few people would qualify for coverage after a wreck. Although there is a possibility that the driver who causes a crash also doesn’t have active insurance, most drivers do have liability coverage that will apply after an impaired driving collision.

  1. They worry that insurance won’t be enough

This is actually a relatively reasonable concern. A large percentage of insured drivers don’t carry enough to really protect themselves from liability but instead just enough to comply with state law.

If you miss more than a few days of work or require extensive medical interventions, like surgery or physical therapy, someone’s insurance policy may cover only a small fraction of your total costs. You may need to take a driver to court to hold them accountable for the costs they created.

Even then, they may not have the income or assets necessary to fully reimburse you. Sometimes, those hurt in drunk driving crashes need to look into dram shop liability claims as a means of getting appropriate compensation.

Answering your questions about car insurance after a drunk driving crash will help you navigate the claims process more effectively.


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