What are the most dangerous roads in Kentucky?

There are certain risk factors for a crash that you cannot control. You have no say in when the weather turns dangerous, nor can you stop someone else from looking at their phone while driving or getting behind the wheel after having a few beers.

There are certain risk factors that you can control, however, including your daily driving habits and the route that you take. You can choose to drive safely, avoiding intoxication and distraction. You can also choose the safest routes whenever you drive.

When you look at how frequently crashes occur at different locations and how often those collisions result in fatalities, you can start to draw conclusions about which roads are the most dangerous for drivers in Kentucky. Avoiding the deadliest roads could potentially save your life.

Are any of the most dangerous roads in Lexington?

One of the 10 most dangerous roads in Kentucky, the fourth deadliest in the state, is in Lexington. US-25 between Spur Road and New Coleman Lane is the most dangerous and deadliest section of road in the Lexington area. Between 2017 to 2019, there were seven fatal crashes on that stretch of road that is just under five miles long, and there were eight total deaths.

The good news for people in the Lexington area is that US-25 is the only inclusion in the top ten for the state in the Lexington area. US-25 also takes the top spot as the deadliest road in Kentucky for the section between State Road Champ to Fariston Road in London. This five-mile stretch of road saw nine fatalities in nine different crashes in just two years. SR-1747 had nine fatalities as well, while SR-1447 had eight deaths in the same two-year period.

Why are some sections of roads so dangerous?

There’s no one reason that a specific length of road may be more dangerous than other areas. A combination of high traffic density, compromised visibility and poor planning can all contribute to the likelihood of fatal collisions occurring. Of course, the sad truth is that a deadly collision can occur just about anywhere, even in a parking lot.

Learning when and where your risks are the highest can help you protect yourself from the possibility of a motor vehicle collision.


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