Often overlooked driving distractions

When you think of distracted driving, do you immediately think of someone on their cellphone? Ever since smartphones were introduced, the rate at which phone distraction has played a part in car accidents has been higher than it ever was for previous generations. In a very real sense, phones help to take thousands of lives and cause tens of thousands of injuries every year.

But the phone is not the only distraction the driver is going to face. After all, the CDC defines distraction as something that can be manual, visual or even cognitive. This means it can go well beyond phone use. Here are a few other common distractions that can also lead to accidents, which you need to be wary of.

Eating and drinking

No matter how safe it feels to drink coffee while you go to work or to grab a hamburger during a road trip, eating and drinking can lead to distraction. A driver could drop their food, spill a hot drink or simply look away from the road while they take a bite.

Reading billboards

If you drive through any major population center or along an interstate, you’re going to see an incredible amount of billboards. They’re all designed to get your attention in order to sell products. But this also means that they have to take your attention away from the road.

Listening to music

Most people listen to music in the car, but the songs that you choose can be very distracting or can otherwise influence how you drive. For instance, listening to fast music may make you drive more quickly, and listening to songs that you really connect to may distract you from thinking about traffic around you.

Talking to passengers

When you talk to passengers, it takes your mind off of the road. It can also take your eyes off of the road if you look at them, as even glancing to the side for a split second could be enough to cause an accident. Passengers can be a distraction for a driver at any age and with any experience level. However, this is often thought of as a distraction that is a bit more common for young people.

Have you been injured?

Even if you avoid all of these distractions, you could certainly still be injured by another driver. If this has occurred, be sure you know how to seek financial compensation.


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