Want to reduce the odds you’ll be in a wreck? Here’s the easiest way

Even those who never cause a car accident still face risks when they drive. There are always odds that you could be involved in an accident, no matter what type of driver you are personally. The other drivers around you influence these odds.

Fortunately, there is one easy thing you can do to reduce these odds and make it less likely that you will be injured in an accident: Become a defensive driver.

What is defensive driving?

Perhaps the easiest way to understand defensive driving is to consider it as the process of anticipating other people’s mistakes. You can sometimes fit these errors into predictable categories so that you can identify potential accidents and hazards before they occur. This allows you to avoid them.

For instance, you may watch a car that is waiting to pull out of a driveway and onto the main road ahead of you. You know that you have the right of way and that they should technically wait for you to pass before they enter the lane. But, if you carefully watch that vehicle as you go by, you might see it beginning to move too soon, which could cut you off. Noticing this could help you reduce your own speed to avoid an accident. 

This is not to say that the accident would have been your fault if it occurred. You’re not obligated to adjust the way that you drive based on other people’s mistakes. But anticipating those mistakes may keep you safe. 

If even this is not enough, then you need to know about your options to seek financial compensation. It can help with medical bills and other costs. 


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