What if your elder’s nursing home injuries were not accidental?

Like other Lexington residents, you may have finally decided to place your elder loved one in a skilled nursing facility or nursing home. It is a hard decision and one that can make you feel guilty for a time, but most Kentucky families overcome these feelings.

You felt that your parent or grandparent was content with their living arrangements. And then one day you notice that your elder is unhappy. They may also appear to be in poor physical condition or undernourished. Most families that see possible signs of abuse and neglect do not know how to investigate the situation.

Ask questions, lots of questions

Nursing homes provide invaluable services, and most of them employ conscientious, caring workers. However, abuse and neglect can happen anywhere, and it is up to you to uncover the truth. Asking questions of your family member can help you pinpoint abuse or neglect. Here are some sample questions to help you get started.

  • Are you participating in daily activities?
  • Are you getting enough to eat and drink?
  • Are you getting your medications on time?
  • Has anyone been threatening you in any manner?
  • Do you receive fresh bedding and clothes each day?
  • How did you get those bruises on your arms and legs?
  • Has anyone hit or otherwise touched you without permission?
  • Has anyone made you sign unusual papers or forced money from you?

Although these questions are uncomfortable for you and your elder loved one, it is an effective way to shed light on the situation. For example, your elder may answer your questions honestly, confirming your suspicions outright. On the other hand, they may be evasive or choose not to answer (especially if they are afraid), indicating the need for a deeper look.

If you suspect nursing home negligence or abuse, it is wise to learn more about your elder’s situation. You may also benefit from legal guidance in your efforts to find a solution.


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