Why does your elderly loved one suffer from bedsores?

When the elderly live in nursing homes and assisted living centers, there are various health ailments that they may suffer from. Some may have existed before they entered the facility or may even be the reason that they moved to the facility in the first place, while others will develop while they’re there. 

Healthcare providers are not expected to eliminate all negative events or health problems, as this would be impossible with an aging population. That said, there are some health issues that should be avoided and may be evidence of negligence. One example is bedsores. 

How do they form? 

Also called pressure sores, these are the result of consistent pressure on the same area of skin. This endless pressure creates an ulcer, which can be red and painful. It could also become infected, in which case severe issues come into play, and these bedsores could even lead to a fatal infection. 

The way to prevent these is often to help the patient move at consistent intervals. When the skin is pressed against the same spot for hours at a time, blood flow may be lost, and that’s what leads to bedsores. If the patient rolls over or otherwise shifts their position, then blood flow is consistent to all parts of the skin, and they should not suffer from bedsores. 

This is the reason that the development of bedsores may constitute negligence. If the healthcare providers were supposed to help someone with mobility issues move on a consistent schedule, and they failed to do so, they may have inadvertently caused those bedsores. If this has happened to your loved one, it’s important to understand all of the legal steps you can take.



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