Most common causes of truck accidents

There are numerous reasons why collisions between trucks and passenger vehicles occur. A truck driver may be braking too quickly, the car driver may be speeding, or both drivers could be irresponsible. Many accidents in Kentucky can be prevented when drivers understand the most likely causes of their collisions.

Sudden braking

Trucks that brake too suddenly may result in collisions with the vehicles behind them. A commercial truck can stop abruptly and surprise the driver from behind, causing a rear-end collision.

Last-minute lane changes

There are drivers who change lanes at the last minute and pull directly in front of trucks. Even if a truck driver brakes, it could take a few seconds for the larger vehicle to fully stop.

Driving in blind spots

There are no-visibility zones where it’s impossible for truck drivers to see the vehicles behind or to the sides of them. Car drivers are responsible for driving carefully while in these zones. They should never drive too closely behind a truck and should take extra precautions when changing lanes.


Speeding is one of the most common causes of truck accidents. Drivers often try to overtake trucks and speed while changing lanes. If the truck is changing lanes at the same time, the result could be a side collision. If the truck is also speeding, there could be a front-end collision of two speeding vehicles. When a car is speeding, it’s harder for the driver to stop on time when encountering a big truck.

Preventing the next big truck accident

All drivers have to be cautious around several tons of steel and glass that are speeding down the road. Not speeding and staying out of blind zones are several ways to avoid truck accidents. As a driver, identifying the main reasons why accidents occur can help prevent them.


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