Driving safe on rainy days

The rainy season in Kentucky can cause a lot of car accidents. While most people think of snow and ice when they think of winter weather conditions, rain can actually be more dangerous. In fact, one study showed that rainy conditions led to more fatal car accidents than snow in 39 states.

Rain can be deceptively dangerous

When it starts pouring outside, it’s obvious that visibility goes down. While your windshield wipers are on fast mode, you may forget about the dangers under your tires. Large puddles that accumulate on rainy days can cause you to lose control when your car starts hydroplaning.

Another hidden danger of rain is the extra oil and grease that sits on top of wet roads. Instead of drying out in the sun, the oil sitting on the surface of roads stays slippery in the rain and can cause motor vehicle crashes.

Stay safe in the rainy season

Your windshield wipers may need to be replaced, and it’s best to get that done before a big downpour. It’s also important to make sure that leaves and other debris are cleared out of the windshield wiper area before each drive. Suddenly discovering your windshield wipers are broken or clogged when you need them to work can be a dangerous situation.

Another important safety precaution that you should take to prepare for the rainy season is to check the tread on your car’s tires. Worn tires cannot channel water effectively and could cause your car to hydroplane more easily.

Watch out for negligent drivers

Not everyone adjusts their driving to the current weather conditions. While you’re out and about, remember that other drivers might not be taking the same safety precautions that you are. Watch out for negligent drivers and be ready to take decisive actions if needed.


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