What are your rights after a drunk driver causes a crash?

Drunk drivers in Kentucky cause property damage, serious injury and even death. They make bad decisions at the wheel that can drastically impact the lives of other people.

After a drunk driving crash where you get hurt or you lose a loved one, it is natural to want justice. Justice often involves seeking compensation for your family and consequences for the drunk driver. What are your basic rights after an alcohol-related collision in Kentucky?

You can file an insurance claim or a lawsuit against the driver

Kentucky’s insurance system allows those who suffer injury or property damage in a crash to file a claim against the responsible party’s policy. You can potentially make a claim against the other driver for the maximum amount of coverage they have on their policy if your losses justify it.

The less insurance someone has, the more likely it is that the victims of a drunk-driving crash won’t receive enough compensation. In some cases, the driver may not have a policy at all. If they don’t have insurance or don’t carry enough insurance, you may have the right to file a civil lawsuit against the drunk driver and demand compensation through the civil courts.

You may have rights against a business that served the drunk driver

Those who cause drunk driving crashes often don’t have significant personal assets to their names. Those who suffered severe injuries or lose a loved one may be left with substantial financial losses even after making an insurance claim or filing a civil lawsuit.

It would be unfair to force victims to suffer financial losses, especially in situations where other people or businesses have profited from the scenario that led to the crash. In specific situations, Kentucky’s dram shop laws may allow an alternate way to seek compensation.

If someone at a restaurant or bar served a visibly intoxicated adult and that driver then caused a crash, the business may be liable for some of the damages that result. If the person who caused the crash was a minor and they purchased alcohol at a business, the business could also be responsible in that situation.

Identifying possible options after a drunk driving crash will give you choices as you seek justice.


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