What are some commonly overlooked slip-and-fall hazards?

Every business in Kentucky wants to make sure that their customers are safe inside of their store, and no business wants to be the victim of a slip-and-fall case. This is why it is incredibly important that every business constantly is on the lookout for potential slip and fall hazards within their establishments – even the more commonly overlooked ones.

Overlooked slip-and-fall hazards

Slip-and-fall hazards are often found in areas that you may not expect. Sometimes, their presence is obvious, like at the front of a store on a rainy day. Other times, they may be in places that you don’t expect. This includes:

  • Contaminants, such as dust or oil. In the case of a restaurant, they may often be found near drink dispensers.
  • Loose floor coverings or cracked concrete. These can create places where someone can trip and fall.
  • Obstructions that you may not expect someone to miss – such as a large planter – that a person does wind up missing because they are distracted by their cell phone.

Constant monitoring required

Fortunately, businesses can avoid injuries and lawsuits by training their staff to keep vigilance over any of these potential issues. Staff should be explicitly trained to keep a watch for any of the above hazards. Doing so can not only create a safer environment for everyone in the store but can help to limit potential legal liability in the event of an accident.
It goes without saying that every business should be constantly on the lookout for potential slip and fall hazards. Doing so protects your bottom line, your brand, and your customers.


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