Warning signs to look out for in nursing homes

The decision to place an elderly relative in a nursing home is rarely an easy one, and finding a facility that will provide adequate care is often a challenge. The Office of Inspector General provides an online database that Kentucky residents can access to find out if a nursing home has received complaints or been issued with violations, but there are also warning signs they can look out for when they visit extended care facilities.

Red flags

One of the best ways to tell how an elderly relative will be cared for is to look at the other residents. If they are wearing shabby or soiled clothing and have matted and dirty hair, there is a good chance that the care being provided is inadequate. The attitudes of nursing home staff can also be a red flag. If they answer simple questions brusquely or seem harried and under stress, the facility could be dangerously understaffed.

Clutter and evasive administrators

Messiness is another thing to look out for when evaluating a nursing home. Falls are one of the most common types of nursing home accidents, and they are often caused by clutter in walkways and common areas. It is also a good idea to ask administrators plenty of questions, and it may be wise to look elsewhere if they are reluctant to provide admissions contracts or discuss fees and billing issues.

Suing negligent nursing homes

If one of your elderly relatives is injured in a nursing home or is not being properly cared for, a personal injury attorney with experience in this area could seek to hold the facility accountable by filing a lawsuit against the facility. If the facts of the case suggest that your elderly relative was the victim of malicious abuse, an attorney could seek both punitive and compensatory damages.


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