Why truckers are speeding

Navigating Kentucky highways can often be a challenge due to most drivers cheating on the speed limit. They typically do not break the limit excessively, but the flow of traffic is often above the actual limit by about five to ten miles per hour at least. This situation creates a problem by itself while in transit. And then, along comes an 18-wheeler up into the mix. This is the exact situation that happens for a few common reasons.

Delivery deadlines

One of the first elements of a truck accident is the delivery schedule and truck destination. Even when engines are controlled by a computer or governor, speeds can be increased when a delivery bonus is waiting for an early arrival. Kentucky attorneys who represent victims of truck wrecks often look at the delivery timeline for the cargo first.

Rest area destination arrival

Truck drivers must adhere to the DOT operating hours schedule requiring rest periods at the end of each driving shift. This requires stopping along the route when handling long-haul projects. Most drivers prefer staying at an area designed for truckers working the highway, and the rest stop becomes a delivery time within a larger transport job.

Impaired driving

Another problem on the highway with commercial drivers is driving under the influence. Alcohol usage may not always be the primary factor either. Truck drivers usually drive long shifts, and they are always focused on early arrival at the next destination. Using controlled substances can be helpful for those drivers who do not sleep properly on the road.

These are just a few of the reasons why truck drivers exceed the speed limit on Kentucky roadways. Kentucky lawyers advise to always be aware when driving in the vicinity of these huge vehicles.


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