Deadly distracted driving crashes persist despite small reduction

With almost all drivers now having access to mobile devices or in-vehicle navigation consoles, distracted driving has emerged as a significant traffic safety issue. When drivers in Kentucky have their eyes and hands on mobile devices, they cannot monitor the road, and the risks of a crash increase.

Slight dip in distracted driving deaths

According to information published by the National Safety Council, 2015 was the peak year for fatal crashes caused by driver distraction. The government attributed 3,242 deadly accidents to distractions in 2015. Numbers then dipped to 2,628 fatal distracted driving wrecks in 2018.

More people calling drivers out for mobile device usage

Greater public awareness of the danger appears to have made passengers more willing to complain when drivers engage in distracting behaviors, like texting or accessing the internet while behind the wheel. A consumer survey revealed that 97% of passengers had told drivers to pay more attention to the road. Among the people responding to the survey, 22.5% of them had already experienced distracted driving accidents.

Insurance industry takes notice

Risk assessment professionals now compare distracted driving to the well-known threat of intoxicated drivers. Police officers increasingly have the power to ticket drivers for mobile device usage. Such tickets frequently prompt insurers to raise premiums for cited drivers by 23% on average.

Distraction as a form of negligence

At minimum, drivers need to pay attention to traffic to operate their vehicles safely. If you suspect that a distracted driver was responsible for the crash that hurt you, then you can look to see if the police report mentioned distracted behavior as a potential cause of the crash. This could provide important evidence for justifying your insurance claim. Attorneys who represent victims of motor vehicle accidents also have the power to subpoena cellphone records when gathering evidence for a lawsuit.


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