Motor vehicle accidents might lead to serious injuries

Three people were recently injured in a major collision in Kentucky. The crash, which took place on a Wednesday afternoon, involved three cars. Sometimes, these types of motor vehicle accidents occur due to a driver’s carelessness, in which case the careless driver may be held accountable for any injuries resulting from the accident.

The recent Kentucky wreck took place at around 12:50 p.m. Witnesses told police that two cars were driving in opposite lanes. However, one of the motor vehicles reportedly entered the other car’s lane.

The two cars ended up crashing into each other head-on. A third car then became involved in the crash, although it was not immediately know where this car was prior to the two cars’ collision. Three people suffered serious injuries in the wreck, with firefighters having to extricate one of them from the sport utility vehicle in which she was riding. All three injured parties were transported to the hospital.

The police may determine that the driver who reportedly caused the Kentucky accident was driving negligently at the time. For instance, perhaps he or she was speeding or driving while distracted. In this situation, the injured victims may choose to file personal injury claims against this driver, seeking damages. Liability needs to be established before the court before damage claims will be decided. In a personal injury claim that is fought successfully, the plaintiff may receive financial damages that might help him or her to cover hospital bills, the loss of wages and other losses related to these types of motor vehicle accidents.


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