Woman claims university caused her to slip and fall

A woman in another state recently claimed that a university’s carelessness caused her to suffer injuries. She has therefore decided to file a premises liability lawsuit against the university, seeking damages. Likewise, if a business in Kentucky causes a patron to slip and fall, due to its negligence, for example, this is grounds for litigation.

In the recent out-of-state case, the woman who filed the premises liability lawsuit claimed that she was at a dormitory on the university campus one day. As she was using the stairs located between the building’s third and second floors, she reportedly slipped on some type of substance present on the stairs. The woman then allegedly fell down violently.

According to the suit, the woman ended up suffering serious injuries as a result of the fall. As part of her lawsuit, she is seeking a jury trial. The woman is also seeking financial damages exceeding $50,000, along with other appropriate and fair monetary relief.

Business owners have a duty to ensure that their properties are safe for their patrons to use. For this reason, when a business owner’s negligence causes a customer to slip and fall, he or she has the right to seek the reimbursement of damages through the civil court system in Kentucky. An understanding of what facts need to be proved will likely be critical to succeed in this type of civil court case. A case that is successfully litigated may result in damages that might help with covering medical bills and other losses.


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