Kentucky ranked near the bottom in nursing home quality

The quality of care at nursing homes has a very big impact on residents. Unfortunately, Kentucky didn’t do very well in a recent set of state rankings regarding such facilities.

The rankings compared the states and Washington D.C. in their average scores on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ nursing home quality rating system. This system is a 5-star rating scale that scores nursing homes based on measures related to quality, staffing and health inspections.

According to the report, Hawaii nursing homes had the highest average rating (3.93 stars), while those in Texas had the lowest (2.68 stars).

Kentucky, meanwhile, was near the bottom in the rankings. The state’s average nursing home rating was 2.98 stars. This put Kentucky at No. 48 in the rankings, the fourth-worst spot.

Why do you think the state is so far down on this list? What would you most like to see nursing homes in Kentucky do to change this?

As overall care quality can vary from state to state, so too can it from nursing home to nursing home. This underscores how important it can be for individuals to carefully research the available options when trying to decide what nursing home to entrust with their own care or the care of a loved one.

Quality problems at nursing homes can have major implications for residents. In some cases, such problems lead to mistakes being made that greatly harm a resident’s health. When nursing home residents are harmed by poor care, skilled attorneys can help residents and their families with holding negligent facilities accountable.


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