Knowing where you are going can be important in Kentucky

The state of Kentucky is a beautiful scenic area for the most part due to its significant rural areas and tourist attractions, most of which can only be accessed by driving. Public transportation is only offered in larger cities. And, traveling on roadways in the state can be unusually hazardous in a variety of areas for a variety of reasons. It is important for all drivers in the state to be aware of not only dangerous stretches of road but all falling rock zones from Mammoth Cave eastward to the Appalachians.

Driving the back roads

The primary road routes in Kentucky are two-lane roads maintained by the state. Potholes and other deterioration problems happen every winter. Not only are these 55 mph highways, but they are generally more narrow than all interstates and often very crooked. This is especially true in the country areas of the state. Always maintain the speed limit and be aware of those who do not, as accidents can happen quickly.

Driving the interstates and parkways

Kentucky is not only home to many narrow and crooked roads, especially around tourist areas, but the interstates can be particularly dangerous. This can even apply to four-lane connector roads and bypasses like New Circle Road around Lexington. The interstates are just like any other major highway system throughout the nation. Even though they are engineered for straight travel, they are still dangerous due to high volume traffic and sporadic access. The speed limit is set at 70 mph on all open highways, but traffic tends to run in excess of the limit. Exits and entrance ramps can be particularly confusing, and Kentucky motor vehicle accidents attorneys advise having a destination mapped out before embarking on any trip in the state can assuredly help when traveling.

Kentucky is a “no-fault” insurance state, which means injured accident victims use their own policy first for coverage of medical bills and other damages. Accident cases can be complicated, and having an attorney who understands Kentucky accident law is vital for proper compensation.


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