What is the worst injury possible in a slip-and-fall incident?

A slip-and-fall doesn’t necessarily seem like it would cause serious injuries – at least compared with a fall from an elevation. However, the potential for injury is still cause for concern. Someone who falls at a store because of a spill or over-polished linoleum could end up with fractures or a soft tissue injury.

They could also suffer an injury that is serious enough to affect their earning potential and cause major medical expenses. What is the worst injury that someone might potentially develop after a slip-and-fall incident in a public location?

Brain injuries are possible in a fall

Many people are injured by trying to catch themselves on the way to the floor when they slip and fall. However, some people suffer very severe injuries because they cannot or do not attempt to slow themselves on the way to the ground.

If someone hits their head on the floor, the wall or any nearby fixtures at a store, that blunt force trauma could cause swelling of the brain or bleeding inside the skull. While there may not be any immediate signs of injury, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can continue progressing after the initial fall.

After a few days, someone may start to notice symptoms that indicate they have a brain injury. A TBI could potentially cause permanent symptoms that affect someone’s ability to and could lead to many thousands of dollars in lifetime medical expenses.

Reporting a slip-and-fall incident when it happens at a store or other business helps protect the right to seek compensation later. Having experienced legal guidance can help.


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