Do you have to file a police report after a car crash?

The moments following the car crash can be frustrating and confusing, to say the least. Even if you do not feel hurt, a car accident wreck can throw you off balance. However, if someone else was responsible for the crash, you deserve justice. 

But while you (and possibly the other motorist) know how the accident happened, the insurance company and the court do not. To build a strong car accident claim, you need to take certain steps. One of these is reporting the accident and obtaining a police report. But, why exactly is this important?

Understanding a police report

Under Kentucky law, you are required to file a report for any car wreck that results in injury, death or property damage in excess of $500. Once the police arrive at the scene, they will conduct an investigation and write a report detailing the circumstances that led to the accident. This report can considerably protect your rights, especially if you intend to file a claim. 

Besides the aforementioned legal requirement, here are two other reasons why you need to file a police report following a car crash:

It allows you to get hold of important information

A police report captures crucial information that pertains to the accident in question. These include the names and contact information of the parties involved, any fatalities, injuries and property damage, the road and weather conditions at the time of the accident as well as witness accounts. The report may also indicate who was at fault based on the officer’s assessment. 

It’s a crucial piece of evidence

An accident report is crucial for a variety of reasons. The insurance company, the court and legal teams will rely on it to reconstruct and understand exactly what happened and how to apportion blame per Kentucky pure comparative negligence laws

Safeguarding your interests

A car accident report is crucial if you are hoping to recover damages following the crash. Learning more about your rights and obligations after the crash can help you protect your interests while pursuing a car accident claim.


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