5 kinds of dangerous drivers

While you may only see several dozen vehicles while driving, there are millions of people driving around the clock. Of these millions of drivers, thousands of people suffer from auto accidents. Many of these auto accidents are caused by dangerous drivers.

Here are a few kinds of drivers most likely to cause auto accidents:

1. Drunk drivers

One of the biggest causes of auto accidents is drunk drivers. Drinking lowers people’s responsiveness and impaired vision. As a result, a drunk driver may not see another vehicle and fail to avoid an accident.

2. Distracted drivers

Possibly the second biggest cause of auto accidents is distracted driving. Drivers become distracted when they take their hands off the wheel or eyes off the road. Even a few seconds of distracted driving raises the risk of auto accidents.

3. New drivers

Every experienced driver learned to drive once. Most new drivers are just learning how to operate their vehicles and follow traffic laws. While there should be someone with a student driver to prevent accidents, once they get their license they don’t need that, but still have a lot to learn.

4. Elderly drivers

Many elderly drivers are experienced and safe drivers. But, some elderly drivers develop medical conditions that make it harder for them to drive safely. For example, vision problems or new medication could cause an auto accident. Age can also slow reflexes and reduce vision and hearing.

5. Drowsy drivers

Drowsy driving is thought to be just as bad as drunk driving. Drowsy drivers may have similar judgment and vision issues as if they were drinking. Furthermore, drowsiness could cause a driver to fall asleep while driving and cause an accident.

If you’re in an auto accident, you could suffer from serious or potentially fatal injuries. It could benefit you to learn your legal rights when seeking compensation for your injuries and losses.


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