Do I have to visit the ER after a car wreck?

The moments following a car crash can be confusing, to say the least. The resulting shock, anger and confusion can easily cloud your judgement. This, coupled with an adrenaline rush, can make it hard to have a clear picture of what is really happening to your body. 

Consequently, all you might want is to get home, crawl into your bed and forget about the events of the day. But this can be a costly mistake. 

A car accident can leave you with a variety of injuries. And while some (like cuts, broken bones and lacerations) may be clearly visible, others like internal and soft tissue injuries may take a while to manifest. 

Here are two important reasons why you need to seek treatment immediately following a car crash even if you feel okay. 

Your health depends on this

Immediately following the accident, adrenaline is bound to get the better of you, thus, masking any pain that may result from underlying injuries. These invisible injuries sometimes take days or even weeks to manifest; and when they do, they might be life-threatening. Even if you do not suspect any injury, it is not in your place to give yourself a clean bill of health after an accident. Leave this to the doctor.

You need evidence to back your personal injury claim

If the accident in question was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may pursue them for the resulting economic and non-economic damages. To file a successful personal injury claim, however, you need evidence. And this is where a medical report that ties your alleged injuries to the accident in question comes in. 

A medical report also assigns a dollar value to your injuries, and this is crucial for justifying the amount you will be seeking in compensation. 

Protecting your best interests

Not many people fancy a trip to the doctor’s office. If you are involved in a car accident, however, this is not an option. Seeking as soon as possible after the accident will not only ensure that you get the treatment you need to get back on your feet but also the doctor’s report that is crucial for litigating your car accident claim.


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