Who is to blame for truck crashes caused by unbalanced loads?

Semi-truck accidents occur for a number of reasons. Perhaps the driver was reckless, drunk, distracted or tired. Maybe the trucking company failed to properly train its drivers, the manufacturer allowed a vehicle with defective parts go out on the road, or mechanics neglected maintenance.

Another factor is the truck’s cargo. In some instances, an unbalanced or unsecured load causes the semi-truck to overturn, leading to a traffic mishap that takes hours to clear and resulting in life-threatening injuries or fatalities.

Loading company, trucking firm or truck driver

The U.S. government has implemented certain rules on cargo securement, but these accidents still happen. Who or what party is responsible for causing a truck accident attributed to an unbalanced load? The answer often comes down to these three players:

  • The packing and loading company: A shifting of a trailer’s cargo may occur when it is improperly loaded. This may happen due to workers who did not receive proper training, inattentive supervisors or just plain sloppy and careless work. Trucking firms, sometimes, rely on third-party companies to perform such work.
  • The trucking company: In some cases, the trucking company has its employees load the truck. Without proper supervision or training, these workers may create an unsafe situation that could lead to a severe road accident.
  • The truck driver: Truck drivers, sometimes, will oversee the crew that loads the freight, which may include building materials, heavy equipment, appliances and vehicle parts. Maybe the truck driver provided incomplete instruction or poor direction.

A number of dangers may surface due to unsecured or improperly loaded cargo. The shifting weight may lead to the semi-truck and its trailer to rollover or jackknife while turning. The truck driver also may have difficulty steering and maneuvering the vehicle. And, lastly, the cargo may break free and spill onto the roadway.

Negligence may play a factor

An improperly loaded trailer on a large truck may lead to life-changing injuries and tragedy for some drivers and their passengers. Negligence may be the cause of such of accident. It is good idea to contact a skilled personal injury attorney to seek advice and pursue legal action.


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