Going on vacation? Beware these 3 roadway dangers

When you plan your vacation, you most likely have some idea of how far you’re driving and how long it’s going to take. You’ve most likely packed every necessity and even thought about bringing an extra pair of pants in case there’s an accident. 

Just as you step out of the house, you feel like you’re forgetting something – did you turn off the stove, close the fridge and water your plants? If yes, then what’s making you anxious? It could be the dangers you’re about to face out there on the trip. Some of the top hazards include:

Sudden shifts in the weather

As you’re traveling from state to state, you’re most likely going to go in and out of weather shifts. While your GPS may signal upcoming weather changes along your path, you may still need to prepare for what type of weather is ahead. 

Doesn’t it always seem like other people forget how to drive when it rains? That may be because dark clouds and heavy rain can make the visibility of the road poorer. Driving in the rain may even cause the road to be slick, raising the chances of someone skidding or hydroplaning right into your car.

Drowsiness and sleep deprivation

You most likely aren’t the only driver on the road who’s been seeing the same strip of concrete for hours, even days. Driving for a long time may cause drivers to fall into a trance. This may be because of a lack of sleep.

A tired driver may not realize they’re driving poorly and slowly drift between lanes. Falling asleep at the wheel is not only dangerous but can put other drivers in danger of car accidents. 

Trucking accidents

Traveling the highway to your destination is going to put you on the road with a lot of commercial trucks. Not only do truckers experience drowsiness behind the wheel, but their job may put pressure on their health and mind. An unhealthy truck driver may put others in danger. Trucking accidents can cause serious life-threatening danger to the people around them.

If you were involved in a wreck, preventing you from having a nice vacation, damaging your car and injuring your loved ones, you may need to seek legal help to recover from your losses.


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