What causes so many semitruck accidents?

Sharing the road with semitrucks is something that drivers must do on a daily basis. These rigs are very large and heavy, which makes them harder to control and stop than normal passenger vehicles. The professional truckers who operate these trucks must ensure they’re doing this safely. 

Regardless of the cause of a crash with a semitruck, the occupants of the passenger vehicle can suffer catastrophic injuries. Those victims may choose to seek compensation for the expenses and costs that they incur. 

Before you file a claim, however, it helps to determine the cause of the crash so you can name the correct defendants in your legal case. 

What are some causes of semitruck crashes?

Many people think that truckers are always responsible for wrecks that occur. While it’s true that factors such as aggressive, distracted, fatigued or impaired driving can lead to these crashes, there are also some other factors that can play a role in crashes. 

It’s possible that other drivers can lead to collisions with big rigs. If a motorist cuts in front of the semi, there’s a chance that the trucker won’t be able to stop in time because it takes so long to stop an 18-wheeler. This could lead to a catastrophic crash that the trucker might not have been able to avoid. 

The trucking company could also be at fault for a wreck. Often, they push vehicles and drivers to the very limits of their endurance, and that leads to crashes.

You only have a limited time to get your personal injury claim filed in Kentucky. Get started on your case quickly after the crash so you know that the time limit won’t pass you by. Working with someone familiar with these cases helps to ensure you have all the possible damages included. 


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