What steps should I take after an accident with a semi-truck?

A collision with a semi is one you will remember for a long time. Even if you walk away with minor injuries, the memory of a large truck heading towards your vehicle is a terrifying image.

In addition to the stress of the accident, getting hit by a semi can have additional complications. Since the truck driver is working and may not own the vehicle, making a claim against them can be complex.

Here’s what you need to make sure you do after a collision with a semi.

Reporting the crash

Regardless of the types of vehicles involved, you need to report the accident. The police report will be a critical part of any claim you need to make.

Anyone involved in the crash should stay at the scene until police arrive. The police report should include information and accounts from everyone involved.

When you call to report the accident, you should also let the dispatcher know if anyone is injured and needs medical assistance.

Getting the information

In an ordinary accident with another car, you need to get the driver’s information. However, when you are in an accident with a semi, you may need additional details, such as the name of their employer and their commercial driver’s license information.


In addition to the police report, if it is safe to take pictures of the accident, you should try to get photos of the damage to the vehicles and the area where the collision took place.

Also, you should write down what you remember happening leading up to the accident and what took place. Your memory will fade over the next few days, so it is critical to take notes while the memory is clear.

Seek medical care

It can take days to start feeling the effects of some injuries after an accident. You should talk to a physician about your accident so they can advise you about appropriate care and establish a link between your injuries and the collision.

Contacting insurance companies

There can be a lot of legwork associated with an accident with a semi. You will need to talk to your insurance company and the insurance for the driver of the vehicle. You may find that there are other parties involved, too.

This process can easily start to feel overwhelming, so you should talk to a skilled professional about your case so they can advise you on the most appropriate steps.


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