3 ways delivery fleets increase your risk on the roads

The shopping switch over to home delivery as opposed to in-store shopping excursions has created many new jobs, but it has also led to new risks for the average person. One of the concerns that come with the shift to e-commerce and direct delivery is the pressure this change creates on the shipping infrastructure around the country.

There is more demand than ever before or so-called last-mile services, referring to the delivery logistics that get a package from a warehouse or a shipping sort facility to someone’s front door. Companies have created their own delivery fleets and hired more drivers.

Unfortunately, more delivery drivers on the road mean more risk for other people. How do delivery fleets contribute to crash risk on the road?

Delivery drivers often have unforgiving schedules

The people driving around massive delivery vehicles full of packages often have to make hundreds of stops a day. Their work schedule is incredibly tight, leaving them very little room to reroute due to traffic conditions. Delivery drivers may make unpredictable maneuvers and even break traffic laws because they don’t have the luxury of just going around the block if they miss a turn.

Delivery drivers are often not actual employees

Usually, when a company’s employee causes a crash that hurts other people, the business has some liability. However, some of the biggest businesses making frequent deliveries in local neighborhoods use independent contractors to try to minimize their liability. Those hurt by delivery drivers may find it’s difficult to bring a claim against the company that actually set the worker’s schedule or failed to provide them with proper training.

Bigger vehicles on the road mean bigger risks

Although the average delivery vehicle is smaller than an actual commercial truck, they are bigger, taller and heavier than the average passenger vehicle. Delivery vehicles can cause catastrophic injuries and completely destroy other vehicles in the event of a collision. With more of them on the road, there are more opportunities for the overworked and stressed people driving these delivery vehicles to make mistakes that lead to Lasting injuries and financial losses for others.

Recognizing how delivery drivers increase your crash risk can help you they safer when driving.


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