3 types of drivers to watch out for on the roads this holiday

With the clock ticking toward Christmas, the roads will be full of vehicles racing around to ensure that families across the country can celebrate as they wish.

The increased traffic, and the urgency required, increase the chance that someone crashes into you.  Here are three sets of road users to watch out for:

Local delivery drivers

The roads are full of white vans, dropping off last-minute orders in time for people to wrap them and surprise others on Christmas day. Every time someone decides that their child’s Christmas stocking requires one more item, a delivery driver must pay them another visit. It heaps more pressure on already overworked commercial drivers, and by speeding to deliver a pair of reindeer socks by 4 p.m., they might put you in hospital.

Cross country truckers

Your town is almost out of turkey. Never fear, there is an 18-wheeler hurtling across the country as we speak, chock full of birds ready for the table. The industry has had a driver shortage for some time, and the festive rush adds to truckers’ workload. The trucking industry used events of the last year to persuade the government to relax rules surrounding time off for drivers, so freight companies can legally push drivers to work more than was previously considered safe.

Car drivers

It is not just professional drivers you need to worry about. Many car drivers will also be stressed or in more of a hurry than usual to get the shopping done. Others will be relaxing into the festive spirit and taking risks with alcohol and driving that they would not normally do.

If anyone, in any kind of vehicle forces you to spend your Christmas in hospital, it is crucial to understand how to claim full compensation for your injuries.



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