Mistakes that will hurt your car accident lawsuit

There are a lot of questions and paperwork after a car accident in Kentucky. In more complicated car accidents, lawsuits are filed to determine fault and how much should be paid in damages.

Kentucky drivers who are pursuing a lawsuit for their auto accident must be aware of how their actions can impact the lawsuit. There are certain things and behaviors that those drivers must avoid.

What are some things that can sabotage your claim?

Your words can have really big consequences. Lying about your injuries, what happened in the accident, or the damage caused in court or to other people can cause you to instantly ruin your lawsuit – regardless of whether or not you’re owed damages.

Posting about your accident on social media is also a sure-fire way to bring the legitimacy of the lawsuit into question. Social media posts, videos, or photos showing you doing activities that you claimed not to be able to do due to your injuries can be used in court.

How soon should you file your lawsuit?

A good rule of thumb for people looking to sue for damages after an auto accident is to file the lawsuit as soon as possible. There is a statute of limitations on personal injury claims after an auto accident, so it’s important to file before it’s too late.

Even if the statute of limitations hasn’t passed, waiting too long to file your lawsuit can also negatively impact your case. The opposing attorney might argue that the injuries aren’t that serious if it took you that long to file.

What about medical attention?

Denying medical attention after getting into an accident is also a big no-no, even if you don’t know the extent of your injuries. It’s important to have medical documentation to verify the severity of all of your injuries.

In general, you should be careful to keep your story consistent and be truthful when pursuing a lawsuit after an automobile accident. It’s integral to your case that nothing you say can be used against you and you have all the facts straight.


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