The dangers of drowsy driving

Drowsy driving is a very serious highway issue that can occur at any time during the day. While most common drowsy driving accidents in Kentucky happen late at night or early in the morning during work commutes, they’re possible at any time because truck drivers often keep odd rest hours while out on the road. Some drivers actually work in teams because it can help keep the truck moving and avoid drowsy driving potential at the same time. However, for many truckers, drowsy driving is common with the trade, and it is indeed very dangerous regardless of who is behind the wheel.

The importance of sleep

Road safety advocates emphasize the importance of a good sleep cycle in preventing truck accidents. Being sleepy while behind the wheel can cause drivers to lose focus on the road as well as reduce reaction times when the brain is lacking in oxygen due to sleep deprivation. Mental acuity and alertness are directly associated with a good sleep cycle, which includes seven to nine hours of continual rest in any sleep session regardless of the time of day sleeping occurs.

Monitoring medication use

Just as in any other driving situation, it is important to not drive when taking certain medications that are in full effect during the time behind the wheel. This is technically intoxicated driving, which can result in a citation when caught or when it causes motor vehicle accidents. It’s important to remember that medications have a half-life of activity in the system, which means they can create drowsiness even well after the initial effect has subsided.

It is important for all Kentucky drivers commuting to work to be fully rested before getting behind the wheel. Avoiding drowsy driving can help prevent serious accidents.


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