Type of neglect leading to bed sores, other nursing home injuries

Bed sores are ulcers developing on the skin. They commonly affect people with limited mobility, who rely on others to help them shift from one position to another. The sores are among common Kentucky nursing home injuries.

What leads to bed sores?

The sores develop because the body has no way to relieve the pressure of its own weight. They are among typical nursing home injuries that also include slips, falls, and infections. Because it is possible to prevent the onset of the sores, people consider their development a sign of neglect.

How do sores equal neglect?

The body’s weight changes the blood flow in certain areas. This results in tissue death. Maintaining the same position for a long time starves the tissues of the natural blood flow. For this reason, nursing home patients and those with disabilities need caregivers who help them shift their positions regularly.

When this regular care is missing, the sores develop. Without quick intervention, the areas of the body swell, burst open, and ulcerate. Infection is now possible. For the individual suffering from the condition, there is constant pain and discomfort. These worsen as the condition remains without treatment.

Nursing home injuries might require you to ask some tough questions

You do not want to accuse the nurse or orderly of neglect, but you have concerns. Take the initiative to check your loved one’s body for sores. Ask if they are in discomfort. Request nurse and nursing aide notes that highlight diaper changes, body shifts, and hydration efforts.

If you believe that your loved one is suffering from neglect in a nursing facility, you could protect their rights by discussing the situation with a lawyer.


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