How can you safely share the road with commercial trucks?

In Kentucky, it’s normal to share the roads with tractor-trailers. When driving alongside such huge trucks, there’s always a risk of danger. However, there are ways you can stay safe when commercial trucks are nearby. Certain tips can help you avoid an accident.

Tips for sharing the road with big trucks

The best way to avoid a collision is to be as smart and safe as possible while driving. You can use the following tips when you drive on the highway:

  • Drive defensively: Even though you are experienced behind the wheel, you must drive defensively. This means you should be aware of everything around you. Be especially careful when a commercial truck is nearby. These vehicles are much bigger and heavier, which makes it harder for them to stop faster. Paying attention at all times can keep you safer and help you avoid a big-rig accident.
  • Stay back: Keep a safe distance away from a truck. Give plenty of space to avoid a potential accident. You want to be able to stop safely in case the truck suddenly stops.
  • Avoid blind spots: Trucks have many blind spots. If you can’t see the truck driver through the driver’s side mirror, he can’t see you, either. Other blind spots include in front of the cab, behind the trailer and at the right side.
  • Pass quickly: If you have to pass a big truck, give plenty of space and drive closer to the shoulder instead of by the truck. Drive faster and don’t go too slow.
  • Never cut off the truck: Since it takes commercial trucks longer to stop, you should never cut one off. The driver might not see you and an accident can happen. Stay a safe distance away at all times.
  • Dim your bright lights: Avoid using your bright headlights when you’re near a truck. If you have to use your brights, dim them when you’re around one block or closer away from the truck.
  • Always signal: You must use your turn signals any time you change lanes. Signal at least three seconds before you switch lanes to give the truck enough time to slow down or move over.


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