Truck accidents caused by mechanical defects

People often think that alcohol or drowsiness serves as a common reason for truck accidents in Kentucky and around the country. Contrary to popular belief, most of these types of crashes stem from mechanical defects with the truck. Victims may receive little consolation from this fact, but establishing the cause of an accident can make the legal process run more smoothly.

Major causes of truck accidents

Big rig accidents result in legal issues for everyone involved. Mechanical issues stemming from poorly inflated tires, improperly maintained brakes and steering wheel defects may all play a role in a collision. Obtaining the proper weight in the truck by avoiding the maximum cargo load may also reduce the risk of an incident. Truck drivers must ensure that equipment works properly to prevent issues when coming to a sudden stop.

Truck wrecks can cause serious injuries, which make it difficult to get your life back to normal. Trends indicate that most accidents tend to occur in the early afternoon. Drivers on the road can stay more aware during these times and give more room for trucks to maneuver and navigate the roads.

The responsibility for truck accidents often lies on workers who load and maintain the truck. Truck rollovers account for a higher proportion of deaths when compared with car rollovers. Staying safe on the road requires a commitment to following all safety protocols and procedures.

Support for victims of truck accidents

Getting the legal help you need after involvement in a truck accident serves as a critical step toward regaining control of your life. Once it has been established that the negligence of other parties was the cause, an attorney can help you seek compensation for medical bills and other losses.


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