Summer driving dangerous for inexperienced teens

For many people, summer is the time for fun in the sun, which means many more drivers will be on the roadways across the nation. In states like Kentucky where curves and hills are the norm rather than the exception, the potential for more accidents is apparent. While the increase in overall traffic contributes to the added congestion, the high number of inexperienced teen drivers increases even more as they are getting an opportunity to drive themselves where they want to go during the break from school. This is not necessarily a problem for those who drive within the limits of the law, but many younger drivers do not always comply.

Reckless driving

One of the first concerns for many teen drivers is reckless driving. It is very important for all drivers with minimal experience behind the wheel to stay focused on maintaining the speed limit in order to avoid a motor vehicle accident.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving is another issue. Teens are in regular communication using digital devices, and the temptation to use a cellphone while driving is a clear danger. The Kentucky General Assembly made texting while driving a primary offense several years ago, but it is still practiced by many drivers. The number of car accidents that involving evidence of cellphone usage was the primary reason that legislators enacted the law, but many fatal accidents are still occurring with distracted driving as the root cause.

Motorists should exercise caution and safe driving practices at all times, especially during the summer months. Keeping the highways safe is not just the responsibility of law enforcement; it is incumbent on every driver on the highway, and the numbers show that this particularly applies to teens.


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