What do statistics say about car accidents in 2020?

Car accidents occur too often on Kentucky roads, and drivers need to travel carefully to avoid collisions. Many car accidents result in little more than property damage, but sadly, thousands end with severe injuries or fatalities. Drivers with a better understanding of accident risks may use their knowledge to prevent incidents. Increased awareness about common traffic mishaps may come with safety benefits.

Understanding the dangers on the road

Statistics reveal that 2019 was a deadly year for drivers in the United States. Around 38,800 people died in traffic accidents that year, a slight decrease from 2018’s fatality level. While 2020’s figures are not entirely known, initial reports indicate that fatality figures increased.

One reason the data appears shocking is due to the reduced travel figures of 2020. Travel, including commuting on roads, experienced a decrease. Fewer cars on the road would seemingly indicate fewer chances for accidents, but that was not the case.

Driving behavior proves concerning

Did drivers feel that having fewer cars on the road gave them free rein to commit moving violations or speed? That question deserves serious examination since some researchers believe that fewer cars on the road lead to people taking more risks.

Statistics from other years reveal additional data that may surprise drivers. The fact that many accidents may occur between midnight and 3 a.m. on Saturdays could lead some to change their driving behavior when it doesn’t appear that many cars are on the road. In addition, 58% of fatal car crashes involve only one car; knowing this may lead some people to drive more defensively.

Anyone hurt by another driver’s negligence, a common reason for motor vehicle accidents, might want to meet with an attorney. An attorney may help a victim seek compensation for their injuries.


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