Could a victim recover lost wages after a vehicle collision?

Car accidents could leave someone shaken but not badly injured. Other incidents may result in injuries that require extensive medical attention. Even with minor injuries, someone could miss days at work. Severe crashes might leave someone unable to work for weeks. Serious concerns may then arise about how to recover lost wages as part of a Kentucky car crash claim.

A claim for lost wages

A lawsuit might not be necessary to recover lost wages. An auto insurance policy may provide compensation. Some victims may need to file an uninsured motorist claim based on the circumstances of the accident. Whether filing a lawsuit or seeking an insurance payout, recovering lost wages requires proving certain elements.

First, the injury that led to the loss of wages must result from the vehicle accident. Attempts to file false claims related to a pre-existing injury could put you in legal jeopardy.

There should be strong evidence to support the amount of the lost wages. Someone who earns an average weekly amount may provide proof by presenting pay stubs. A self-employed general contractor who experiences seasonal “ups and downs” may need clear, compelling, and accurate estimates.

Dealing with challenges

Some insurance companies might challenge the lost wages figure. Other issues might arise, such as the insurance company for the other driver not believing its client was at fault. An attorney could address any denials and subsequent appeals.

Even if the insurance company intends to settle, it will often attempt to offer a lower amount. Persons out of work due to their injuries might not be able to settle for less than a proper amount.

Injuries from motor vehicle accidents could leave someone struggling financially. A personal injury attorney could represent a victim seeking compensation if the crash was caused by the negligence of another party.


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