Who are the players in a truck accident?

Truck accidents in Kentucky are sometimes unavoidable. Inclement weather and road conditions might cause a truck to crash into another vehicle or a pedestrian. The resulting injuries could be severe due to a semi-truck’s massive size. Is a truck “always” negligent for an accident? Injured parties must look at all the evidence associated with the accident for an answer.

Parties responsible for a truck accident

A truck driver who goes through a red light and hits someone would likely face credible negligence claims. What if the driver hit someone because a stop sign ended up destroyed and the local government didn’t replace it? Perhaps the local municipality may face liability claims for not carrying out its duties.

Reviewing the evidence and circumstances associated with a truck accident is necessary. In many cases, there are several responsible parties that caused the accident, including the victim. Both the truck driver and a car driver could commit moving violations and contribute to fault. Under Kentucky law, judgments may derive from determining a percentage of fault.

A trucker may work for a trucking company, and the trucking company may procure a trailer through a partnership with a third company. One or all three parties may be proven to be responsible for an accident, depending on the situation. Did all three parties know a trailer had severe mechanical defects? If so, then all three may be liable.

Seeking claims against the liable parties

Injured persons could take action against all negligent parties. Even the company providing cargo or a service center that performed repairs might face legal claims. The injured may find themselves filing multiple insurance claims with various companies.

Motor vehicle accidents involving trucks might require extensive investigations and litigation. A personal injury lawyer could assist clients during the process.


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