Here’s what to look for in an auto accident attorney

Contrary to popular belief, not all Kentucky attorneys have experience in every aspect of the law nor do they work the same. Finding a reputable attorney to work on your auto accident case can be a daunting experience to take on. After all, they will be in charge of working on sensitive documents and providing you with legal advice throughout the case. The following includes a list of things to look for in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) attorney.

Proper communication

Clear communication in terms of an attorney involves being available to clients and also presenting them with the facts using language that they can understand. It is incredibly important to understand what the game plan will be for your MVA case because your name will appear on those legal documents.

They are able to provide you with references

A professional and confident attorney will have no issue providing you with references. You may use this information to determine if their style of work matches your goals. If they do not offer you this information, it should raise a red flag.

Experience in auto accidents

As stated above, most attorneys will not know every aspect of the law. Some will be more familiar with real estate law than auto accidents. That’s why it is important to question your chosen attorney about their knowledge of this area. You may also want to research how many auto accident cases they’ve taken on in the past few years.

A well-organized office

When you first meet with your chosen attorney, it is important to keep your eyes open. Look around their office and see how their staff functions. Is the office dirty and unorganized? This may be an indication of the type of work they will provide you.

There’s no doubt that looking for a good attorney can be a frustrating experience. However, it is incredibly important to go through this process to ensure that your case is taken seriously and that you obtain the proper compensation.


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