Target blamed for causing woman to slip and fall

A married couple in a different state recently claimed that the store Target caused the wife to suffer injuries due to its carelessness. For this reason, they have decided to file a premises liability lawsuit against the corporation, seeking damages. In the same way, if a company’s negligence causes an individual in Kentucky to slip and fall, he or she has the right to seek to hold that business accountable in civil court.

In the recent out-of-state case, the married couple claimed that the wife was walking along an aisle at a Target back in February 2018. While searching for supplies for baking, she reportedly stepped into cooking oil in the aisle. According to the couple’s lawsuit, the woman then fell on the spray oil.

The couple asserted that the woman suffered serious injuries in the fall, including a fracture in her shoulder, which required surgery. In fact, the injuries have reportedly left her permanently impaired. According to the lawsuit, the oil that caused the woman to fall had apparently dried on the floor. They are seeking damages for medical costs as well as lost wages totaling $120,000.

Companies in Kentucky and elsewhere are responsible for making sure that their buildings are free from unreasonable hazards and risks. If they fail to do this, and customers ultimately slip and fall on their properties, for example, it is within the rights of the injured parties to seek compensation. An understanding of the facts that must be proved will most likely be necessary to prevail in this type of case.


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