Numerous motor vehicle accidents on I-75 involve trucks and rain

During rainy weather, it is not uncommon for accidents involving tractor-trailers to occur along Interstate 75 in Kentucky. In fact, since Oct. 2018, police have reported about a dozen of these big rigs crashing in rainy weather along a curve beneath an overpass in the Dixie Highway area. According to authorities, these motor vehicle accidents appear to happen after rain has been falling for a long while.

In this area of the interstate , drivers can see shattered concrete chunks from the center barrier of the roadway. These chunks apparently crumbled due to five separate crashes involving tractor-trailers. In fact, they have reportedly caused damage to five automobiles passing through the curve.

Truck drivers involved in the crashes reportedly told police that their trucks began to slide unexpectedly. In many cases, the trucks ended up jack-knifing. These rainy-weather crashes occurred during both the day and at night.

If a truck driver fails to exercise caution during rainy weather and causes another person harm as a result, that individual has the right to file a personal injury claim against the truck driver, seeking damages. The truck driver’s employer may also be named in the lawsuit, as well as any separate owner of the big rig. The plaintiff may be entitled to a monetary judgment if he or she establishes liability, based upon a showing of negligence, before the civil court hearing the case in Kentucky. Financial damages in a successfully litigated claim might help with addressing medical costs, loss of wages and other expenses associated with these types of motor vehicle accidents.


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