Woman awarded $600K after mini-mart causes her to slip and fall

A jury in a different state recently awarded a woman $600,000 following an injury-causing accident at a small market. The jury determined that the market caused the woman to slip and fall by not removing ice from a sidewalk outside of the shop. Likewise, people in Kentucky who are injured as a result of a company’s negligence have the right to seek to hold them accountable in civil court.

In the recent case, the woman asserted that she purchased lottery tickets at the market and then went outside. She said that is when she slipped and fell on ice that had accumulated on the sidewalk. However, the market’s attorneys argued that there actually was no rain on the sidewalk when the alleged incident happened. In addition, the market’s employees had no knowledge of the presence of ice on the sidewalk.

The woman reported that she developed a spinal cord injury as a result of the slip-and-fall accident. She underwent surgery for her injury but will likely suffer pain permanently in light of the accident. Although the jury issued a $950,000 verdict to the woman, the award ended up being capped at $600,000 based on a former agreement.

At times, business owners in Kentucky neglect their duty to keep their premises safe for customers to use. If customers slip and fall and, in turn, suffer injuries on their properties as a result, it is within their rights to file premises liability claims, seeking the reimbursement of damages sustained. No monetary award can undo the events leading to their injuries. However, a financial award may help the victims to more easily move forward from their injury-causing accidents.


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